Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Legend Of Jack O'Lantern

One of my aunt neighbors was an American lady that on Halloween  invited the children living in the house at her home to tell them stories about zombies and ghosts. Along with her children, we, wide-eyed boys and girls, listened to her, waiting,  with some fear that some "small spirit"(the older kids in disguise), knocked on the door saying "trick or treat?" and then eat  sweets and candies. I think she varied a little the story from year to year, but more or less it was like this.

(Switch off the light, leave only this one)

The Legend of Jack O'Lantern

Many, many years ago, an old, drunk, lazy and stingy man named Jack lived in Ireland. One evening he went to the usual pub to drink his usual beers and there he met the Devil who wanted to take his soul. Jack, who was already drunk but still able to understand, asked the Devil to allow him to have the last drink and to lend him a coin to pay the beer. So, the Devil turned into a dime and Jack immediately put it in his pocket where there was a small silver cross, which prevented the Devil revert. They fond an agreement, Jack would have freed the Devil and the Devil would come back to him ten years later.
After ten years the precise Devil came back to Jack that, this time, asked him to allow that poor man to enioy for the last time one apple from his tree. The Devil agreed and Jack  asked him for help in getting the more beautiful apple from the top of the tree.
So, the Devil climbed up the tree to pick the apple and Jack quickly carved a cross on the trunk and trapped the Devil again. This time, the Devil, to be free, had to promise not to look for Jack's soul anymore.
Many years later the very old but always lazy, stingy and drunk Jack died.
He went to the gate of Heaven, but they didn't admit him because of his lazy, stingy and drunk life.
The, he went and knocked on Hell's doors, but the Devil said he could not accept him because of the promise he made many years before.
Out there it was dark and Jack asked the Devil a bit of fire and the Devil thew a firebrand of eternal fire.
As the fire was burning his hand, Jack dug a turnip he had with him and put the fire into it .
The turnip became the Jack's lantern and since then, the Halloween night, Jack wanders with his lantern, together with a crew of ghosts and zombies, looking for a place to rest for eternity.
He is the symbol of damned souls and as people don't want him and his crew in their homes they put lanterns out their door.

Ssssssttt listen...maybe he is coming right now...
And at this point we all  run to check if our lanterns were lit!!!!

Astrella are you ready?

Yes, I'm ready ahahahahaha...


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