Friday, November 22, 2013

USA - Torture his dog wounds, burns and broken bones Master sentenced to 55 years in prison

They found him dying. Cowgirl on a sidewalk in Quincy in the United States. The vet who rescue could not believe his eyes: deep wounds, bruises, cuts, burns and several broken bones.

On that poor battered body the frightening signs of the fury of a madman, sadistic murderess. Irreversible damage and suffering a strong forced the doctor to put him to sleep forever.

Elsewhere, the thing would probably be the end. But the story of Quincy had another outcome: the torturer was sentenced to 55 years in prison: five years for each of the 11 counts indictment. Man arrested by the police is called Radoslaw Czerkawsky, undocumented Polish immigrant who worked taking care of an elderly of his own nationality.

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